One of the biggest star in combat sports eyes Rio Olympics

Anderson Silva was the most dominant champion the UFC had ever seen. A string of unfortunate events at the end of the 40 years old veterans career has been in people minds since he got knocked out by challenger Crish Weidman in July of 2013. Later Anderson broke his leg during the rematch with Weidman and in his return to the UFC octagon he failed a drug test against Nick Diaz back in january.

Anderson Silva is a true legend in the sport of MMA

Now Yahoo sport report that the former UFC middleweight champion and multidisciplined fighter is looking to get the host’s nations spot in the taekwondo competition. Anderson Silva was born i Sao Paulo, Brazil and is a taekwondo black belt.

According to Yahoo, Silva has already contacted the brazilian taekwondo federation, proposing they consider him for a spot on the games, stating that it is ever athletes dream to compete at the Olympics.

Silva knocking out title challenger Vitor Belfort with a basic front kick to the face

Whether he will be considered for the spot is still unknown but he is undoubtably one of Brazil most recognized athlete and if he were to fight in the Olympics it would be a huge draw for the event. Also whether he could really fight with the best in the world in a such a specific discipline after all these years should also be brought into question.