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Camps are lining up

This past week we at have had 5 camp training sessions. 3 sessions have been kyorugi , 1  poomsae and 1 has been self defense. The attendance has been great, but over 120 people have joined this week. If you have a seminar request please be in touch.... read more

First tkdtrainer camp a success

This weekend we had a kyorugi minicamp in the Icelandic sports village’s local club, Ármann. Over 40 students from 4 clubs attended the camp. Here are videos and pictures from the camp. Photo album on facebook First tkdtrainer camp a success was last modified:... read more

Breaking your vicious cycle

“We are what we repeatedly do,” Aristotle so famously said. Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of bad diet or exercise? Your cycle is made out of your habits and here are 4 simple ways to get out of your cycle and change it into virtuous cycle. Self exploration If... read more

How to beat Jade Jones – Video Analysis

Last month we video analyzed Daehoon Lee, awarded as the #1 male Taekwondo athlete in the world by WTF. The match we analyzed was against Jaouad Achab in Grand Prix, Manchester, last year. This month highlight video analysis will be of Jade Jones, a.k.a. “The... read more

7 principles of training

  Being a coach/trainer/teacher/master/instructor or whatever you want to call it is a high responsibility position. The athletes trust you to get them to the place they want to be, be it a regional championships, the Olympics, a black belt, to lose 15 pounds or... read more

The world Nr. #1 Taekwondo player analysed (video)

I guess most of you have watched the highlights of the Grand Prix matches in Manchester last year. If you did not watch the match between Dae Hoon Lee vs. Jaouad Achab, I suggest you watch it now. It´s Taekwondo entertainment at it´s best. The match was actually so... read more

Taekwondo to debut in Tokyo

According to the International Paralympic Committee website today taekwondo will be apart of the  2020 Paralympic games in Tokyo for the first time. It is a huge milestone for para taekwondo. At the 2020 games there will be events in 22 sports and they are: athletics,... read more


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