What is XPS?

XPS is the perfect companion for coaches in all sports. The software consists of a desktop application and a mobile app for all mobile platforms. The TKDTrainer team has been using XPS successfully for years and is now offering Taekwondo services that will take your club to the next level. Our massive drill collection, training programs and regular webinars are included.

XPS Features


Powerful workout and practice planning tool

Quickly plan your workouts and practices, using the XPS practice planner, and the TKDTrainer drill collection or create your own drills.

Manage your team of assistent coaches

Have all your assistent coaches on board. As a club manager you can share all practice plan with your assistent coaches.

Important statistics

The training statistics are vital for the success of your club. How much have they improved their kicks, speed, strength, et.c. It´s all in the numbers.

Everything in one place

Keep your stuff organized. All your practice plans, drills, exercises, documents and athlete data in one place.

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